Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Conversing with a Photograph

Here is a little story, heed as I tell
Beyond the majestic guardian Alps’ Bell
Is a place known by few, yet I know too well
As here does a little angel dwell

She’s made of chocolate, and sweetness abound
She talks like a child, but with maturity around
Like melting butter from a buttery mound
She’s a treasure out here, waiting to be found

Her laughter echoes with childish glee
Like an albatross she soars, high and free
Her smile makes you forget what you ought to be
She’s just the perfect gift god sent to me

As playful as a butterfly, she’s a blessing to all
If you want to jump, she’ll be there to break ur fall
They say the world is big, but I feel its too small
To hold her big heart’s love, yes, its too small

Forsooth they don’t make friends like her
She’s as honest as the softness on a bunny’s fur
She’s a voice of warmth, like a kitten’s purr
In the world of friendship, she’s frankincense and myrrh