Friday, 18 January 2008

Take Off

January 19th
2:55 a.m

Cold Desert Night, a temperature of 10 degrees atleast. An unearlthy hour. And a crazy man at the keyboard.

What do you think I will write.

I guess no one might read this. So I better write for myself.

There are times in one's life where a person feels unsure of himself. And its these times when he wants someone to hear him. Ironically, it is these times when one doesnt find anyone to hear him. If luckily he does, he doesnt trust him well enough to talk.

So feelings remain buried in the heart, never to surface.

What we do in life, Echoes in eternity. I couldnt agree more with Russel Crowe's character in Gladiator.

But how are we really like this? Do we take every step thinking of eternity?
When we do, what are the repercussions of it?

When we make decisions, what do we keep in mind? And come to the big part of people's lives, The sacrifice, who do we make sacrifices for? Our faith, our parents, our loved ones, our unloved ones? I feel, every sacrifice we for ourselves.

If you wish to know a character of a man, look at the sacrifices he has made in his life. No one knows what lies inside the heart of anyone else. But if you wish to know what a man is made of, look at how he handles the word sacrifice.

Never easy, and we know it.Never wanting to be in that situation. Irony again.... we are compelled to face something which we dont like. And it makes us who we are.

A sacrifice, the reasons for it, all a part of what we do. Of who we are inside, and what we appear to the world.

When a Peregrine is born, it cant fly for days. But when it does, its mother teaches it to hunt, and off it goes. Never a chance to return to its parents. Like many other animals. But we humans, have it difficult. No matter how much we learn to fly, no matter how much we learn to hunt, and no matter how fast we can dive at the prey and catch it midflight at about 300 mph, one day we return to our parents, and we need to face something which no other animal does. The reciprocation of love.

No love is complete without a sacrifice, If it is complete, its not love, its a compromise.

P.s. If this doesnt make sense to you, do not be troubled. The human mind is a complex thing, the heart, is un-decipherable.

Peace !!