Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Conversing with a Photograph

Here is a little story, heed as I tell
Beyond the majestic guardian Alps’ Bell
Is a place known by few, yet I know too well
As here does a little angel dwell

She’s made of chocolate, and sweetness abound
She talks like a child, but with maturity around
Like melting butter from a buttery mound
She’s a treasure out here, waiting to be found

Her laughter echoes with childish glee
Like an albatross she soars, high and free
Her smile makes you forget what you ought to be
She’s just the perfect gift god sent to me

As playful as a butterfly, she’s a blessing to all
If you want to jump, she’ll be there to break ur fall
They say the world is big, but I feel its too small
To hold her big heart’s love, yes, its too small

Forsooth they don’t make friends like her
She’s as honest as the softness on a bunny’s fur
She’s a voice of warmth, like a kitten’s purr
In the world of friendship, she’s frankincense and myrrh

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Welcome To Anarchy !!! RIP Sister Marwa

I am Angry.

Fire and Brimstone to be exact.

Today morning started off with a casual glance at the papers, and the top left headline carried a picture of a lady in a headscarf accompanied by the words, “EUROPE ‘HIDES’ HIJAB MURDER”. Considering the whole controversy surrounding Mr. Sarkozy in the past weeks, this was enough to set my blood plasma at a boiling point.

Firstly, Sarkozy’s remarks towards the Hijab being a “Sign of debasement/cut off from society/a life for women without identity” are open proof of his illiteracy of the term Hijab and the details into WHY Islam asks for it.

To cite a simple and oft cited example, place the Hijab alongside a catholic nun’s habit.

How many Sarkozy’s have gone forward and looked the Pope in the eye and said, “Mr. Pope, your nuns’ dresses are a symbol of denouncement to their gender, they live a life without identity and without social interaction like our “free” women in France.

Many would say, Hey a Woman who takes a nun’s vows does so of her own free will. Well helloooo, There are a majority of the women out there who don the hijab of their own free will as they know what their religion requires of them.

If you say that NO, the muslim women are FORCED into hijab, well ever considered the fact that maybe, Just maybe even the nuns are forced into a life of celibacy and dedication to the church??

It swings both ways people. There are differences between muslims regarding the importance of covering the face. But 99% of the sunni scholars accept the fact that wearing a headscarf is an uncontested issue. Shias are more strict with regards to hijab.

Anyway, the wearing of the scarf is not the issue here, the issue is Identity. Mr. Sarkozy says that the woman behind the veil lacks identity, FYI Mr. Sarkozy, A woman in hijab is distinctly identifiable as a Muslim lady. So that gives her an identity. She chooses to wear the Hijab as she understands who she is.

And please do not go on about how the civilized world has given the Woman a distinctive position in society.

Islam gave the rights to vote and rights for work and inheritance to women a long time before the western world woke to this. You still contest the rules because you fail to understand the wisdom behind which they are placed.

Come to the freedom of expression bit, so a woman can go dressed as she wills, even next to naked on the ramp walks of Paris, but not in something she chooses in accordance with her religion?? Excuse me for asking, wasn’t your country on the forefront of the cries for Freedom of Expression when the Muslim world was up against the Danish cartoons??

And now this, the murder of Mrs. Marwa Al Sherbani. In the very “Temple” of neo civilized nations which announces their superiority with laws and justice. A man has the time and ability to stab a woman in the court of law more than 18 times and the police shoot the husband who runs to save her. This is your civilization??

Forgive me, but I belong to a nation which is not very advanced in its military and police, But aren’t you Europeans warriors since forever?? How difficult was it for a courtroom full of policemen to identify the man with the knife??

This legal system, which gives you immense pride, crumbled to bits in these few moments of anarchy. And it worsened when the governments chose to remain silent about this failure. I applaud the entire legal system of not only the country in question, but also the whole Democratic European world which has chosen to remain silent on the Broad daylight murder of Sister Marwa, or as she will henceforth be known, the Hijab Martyr.

I will not be surprised if the murderer is let off with a fine of a few thousand euros. I mean, even if he pays this lady’s weight in gold, her 3 year old son Mustafa will live through his life with one of his earliest memories being his mother being stabbed in a courtroom full of civilized people, and collapsing into a faded oblivion.

Rest In Peace Sister Marwa, May Allah bless you with Jannah