Sunday, 16 March 2008

Saying Goodbye

People ask me when it was
I seem to recall, but with a pause
It was a sunday, all but sunny
The day was a joke life found funny

I saw her lying, with her eyes closed
Such a calm figure she was, so composed
The white shroud around her was pure
She had left me and gone, i still wasnt sure

The day she left, my world felt blank
Like i was left to walk, the pirate's plank
And as the time comes, to take her away
To the end of this life, which she'd loved to play

I walk with silence, close to her place
And with my warm hands, touch her cool face
The sobs around me slowly drown
And all i hear is her voice, warm and brown

With tremendous effort, I lift her in silence,
My brothers and all help, all eyes and hands tense
I carry her off, to her new resting place
Even as i do, i can remember he smiling face.

I love you, she'd tell me, I love you a lot
And hug me in a very adorable way
I feel like betrayer as i take her, i feel really Bad
When i leave the graveyard, i hear her whisper, Bye Dad