Sunday, 14 February 2010

Paradigm: Magic !!

A few days ago I read this guy’s blog. His name I do not know. Blog post was named Rainbows. And this post got me thinking. This guy had sort of persuaded dying embers into crackling a slow fire to warm up the mind.

The post he wrote dealt with how beautiful an imagination was back when we did not know any better.

He goes on a limb to describe how amazing a rainbow is, magical even, if you totally ignore the fact that it’s a physics phenomenon of nature’s rainy summer days.

So I just thought, why just rainbows.

The entire world always looks so much nicer when you throw logic out of the window and look through 5 or 7 year old eyes.

For the rest of this post, I don’t want you pointing out the logical fallacies of my words. I hereby acknowledge that there is going to be none, so don’t bother.

  1. The earth is Flat. No Spanish moron’s ship is going to sail down the horizon with its flag slowly dropping lower and lower until it disappears. My guess is that the monsters at the end of the earth are slowly gobbling them up.
  2. Night falls bcoz the sun drowns in the sea, and swims under us and comes up again next morning.
  3. Stars are diamonds. You can keep your big balls of fire theory for someone of boring existence.
  4. Boys, Girls are Slimy
  5. Girls, Boys are disgusting
  6. Flowers are pretty “things”. Not organs of plants’ procreation.
  7. Rainfall is someone opening up taps in the sky.
  8. Say CHEEZE for Lightning flashes
  9. Adults are silly.
  10. Thunderstorms are scary. Hugging a grown up or your friend during a loud thunder roar is perfectly normal, adults don’t do it coz they are silly.
  11. Ghosts exist. Period.
  12. Table manners are over rated. The messier the meal, the fuller the tummy. The back of your hand is more efficient in wiping your mouth than any napkin in the world.
  13. Chocolates are the healthiest of all foods.
  14. Green stuff is for cows to eat. Not us
  15. One word…RUN…there is no such thing to worry such as stamina or tiredness.
  16. Fairies exist. And they look like Granma when she was younger.
  17. Cartoons are real people. Bugs Bunny and Tom n Jerry are out there.
  18. Rainbows are Magical
  19. Spinach is Ewyuck !!
  20. Someone falling down is funny.
  21. It is okay to cry.
  22. There is only 1 disease….Fever.
  23. If you don’t know my Cousin Pinky or Bade Papa, you aren’t from this earth.
  24. If you are 6 and a half now, and I am 5, I firmly believe that next year I will be able to overtake you.
  25. "Tag….You’re it" & "Beat You to it...." Coz everything's a race, from drinking milk (bleh) to getting dressed to running from point xyz to finish line, i.e. Mom.
  26. Silly rhymes about colors are good jokes. Blue Blue, You ate Glue
  27. “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” is a perfectly sensible question. “We’ll get there when we get there.” Is a Stupid anser
  28. Stupid is a bad word.
  29. Pens are magical and for big people. No matter how much you write, you don’t have to sharpen them.
  30. Exercise?? Whazzat??
  31. If you become too fat one day I will poke you with a needle and you will blow up like a balloon.
  32. Wave to the aeroplanes, they can see you from there.
  33. The bogeyman exists to make sure we behave.
  34. Boys : Animals are fun, frogs, cats, birds, dogs….
  35. Girls : Boys will never understand Dolls
  36. Eenie Meanie Minie Moe is a perfectly correct manner of solving any conflict.
  37. Breaking a pinky swear will have bad bad baddddd results
  38. Responsibility??? Whazzat???
  39. Any game involving you having to sit down is boring.
  40. “Mom I want a snack”. “A Fruit?” “HUHH???”. “Almonds?” “HUHHHHHH??” “CHIPS??” “Chilli Tomato Flavor Please”
  41. If your parents don’t buy you what you want, they don’t love you. (This usually lasts for 5 minutes or a few days, depending on how stubborn you are)
  42. All stories Grandma tells are true, the morals are something she makes up though.
  43. If the hero dies in the movie, he is really gone. Crying is okay again.
  44. Superman CAN FLY. No arguments whatsoever
  45. You can never have enough toys.
  46. Doctors are bad. All of them. Specially dentists.
  47. You are my best friend, you too, you too, you too…and you and you and …….
  48. The only way to laugh is to laugh until you roll over holding your stomach.
  49. Milk is a bad Idea.
  50. Chocolate milk is a Great Idea, and if you don't have a milk mustache, you are not doing it right.

P.s. The Original Post which inspired the rambling you see above


Farrago said...

Peregrine- Thanks for the kudos and the nod. I've had an unusual flare-up, lately, of new people finding and commenting on some of the oldest of my posts. It's very nice.

Yours here is a pleasant exploration beyond the door I opened and peeked through. Wonderful!


Farrago said...

By they way... I'm curious as to how you found came across my blog. Will you share that with me?


Sharky said...

Word of mouth publicity...
One of your regular readers let me in on your blog. His name is Sanjog, an old friend of mine.

letter shredder said...

i agree with the chocolates :p and the crying.

so yeah, it's ok to cry when u have chocolates coz they are healthy (you should see how my eyes twinkle upon realizing this).

and damn, i'm so dying to come up with a new blog for myself.


susie said...

"MAGIC" is the word we forget as we grow up.. thanx for rewinding childhood. >:D<